2021-03-16 | Health and Safety (phyto, sanitary, processing standards, entering new markets – ISO, HACCP)

2021-03-01 | Product Development

2021-02-08 | Marketing and Product Distribution

2020-12-21 | Design and Packaging/Brand Management

2020-10-26 | Agricultural Insurance

2020-09-17 | Human Resources Management/Employment regulation and taxes

2020-06-25 | Successful Stories on Applying for a Bank Loan

On June 25, 2020, the Successful Stories on Applying for a Loan webinar was held by Eduka Plus. The webinar used an interview/group discussion format and included the participation of three interviewees (Olivera Petkovic of Eduka Plus (Nis), Ivica Ristic of Zlatni Bik S3 (Prokuplje) and Mile Arnaut of Gram d.o.o. (Belgrade).

2020-06-17 | Geographic Origin

The aim of the training was to inform producers of traditional and origin based products of the steps to designate their produce under Serbian and European Union standards protected as Geographic Origin. Training topics (broken down by two parts):
1) Protection of Geographic Origin of Food Products
– What are traditional food products?
– What are the markings of geographic origins?
– Legal regulations in the EU and Republic of Serbia
– Registration of Geographical Origin – organization of producer groups, establishment of rules, elaboration, etc.
2) Systematic Control of Certification and Regional Marking as Geographical Origin
– What is the certification process of a product with a known Geographical Origin?
– Definition of a control plan
– Quality control of specialized products of various types – control system development
– Managing the status of authorized users and directives

2020-06-02 | Preparing a Bank Loan Application

The aim of the interactive training was to enable participants to gain insights on how to approach a bank for applying to a loan. The training covered the following elements:
– Necessary documentation description
– Completing the necessary documentation
– Request to a bank based on investment/application purpose
– Evaluation process in bank (description)
– Loan realization based on the decision of the bank
– Bank loan application evaluation process

2020-05-13 | Developing Export Markets for Products and Services

The training was generally targeting enterprises which are interested in moving into foreign markets for their products and services for the first time. The overall scope of the training was to enable participants to make decision with regard to moving to export markets and make the next step to compile an export development plan. The interactive training contained the following elements:
– Business strategy for exports
– Raising customers’ interest
– Export quality management
– Export documentation
– International transportation
– Export financing and payment