Winery Mitrovic in Leskovac Long-term Plans Advanced with UniCredit Loan

The wine route which flows from Leskovac to the Vranje border passes through two wine producing regions located on the left and right banks of the South Morava river and both sides of autoput A-1 right down to the Macedonia border. Leskovac is the first stop on this wine route which passes through five distinct wine areas: Babičko, Pustorečko, Vinaračko i Vlasotinačko and Leskovački. According to the last agricultural census from 2012, in the Leskovac area records 1,282 hectares of vineyards, producing various local varieties: prokupac, tamjanika, smederevka, vranac, among other international sorts.

Zlatibor Region Trout Farm Started Up Through UniCredit Bank Loan

Ribnjak Ljubis fish farm is a little over a three hour drive southwest of Belgrade near the mountain center, Zlatibor, travelling through some of the most scenic regions of Serbia. The farm, located in the village of Ljubis, is the center of operations owned and operated by Vladimir Bojovic.

A Background in Rural Tourism in Serbia and How to Get Started


Tourism in Serbia is an industry which has economically impacted quite substantially on rural areas of Serbia. Tourism on a village level covers a wide-variety of activities, not only a holiday in the country but includes other leisure. Rural tourism in Serbia is an emerging industry, which is meeting the demand of tourists, button the other hand is a fairly new source of income generation in rural areas, which is less engaging in typical agricultural activities while preserving old-traditions. Essentially, in many cases, this is not just about getting into the rural tourism game, but saving rural infrastructure against the encroachment of and the loss to city life.

Boki Food – a successful company in central Serbia producing quality canned fruits and vegetables

A Monday in August isn’t the best time to find the owner of Boki Food, he’s busy with buying fruit and vegetables from his cooperating grower farmers. If you do find him, the wait is worth it. Dejan Joksimović and his son, Lazar, operate the Boki Food company in the farming community of Donja Toponica, 10 minutes west of the bustling town of Prokuplje, two hours south of Belgrade.

Salaš Tatic – a Vojvodina tourist oasis looking to grow with IPARD assistance

Salaš Tatic is quick drive from Belgrade, only 1.5 hours on the road to Subotica, a few minutes to the salaš on secondary roads through Srbobran to the village of Turija. The salaš is spread across the bank of the historic Danube-Tisa-Danube (DTD) canal, a waterway which was the main commercial transport for goods from the early 1800s to the mid-1900s.

The Rise of Customer Complaints and How They are Beneficial to Your Company

Customer complaints have been perceived, for too long, as a burden for a company, when in reality it should be seen as a benefit. By grasping the value of complaints, this in effect will improve your products and services open market value, but also increases your company’s efficiency overall.

SRFP Business Training Schedule Released for June-October 2021

The Development of Financial Systems in Rural Aras in Serbia program (SRFP), implemented by German Development Bank (KfW) in partnership with the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and with technical assistance (TA) support from Business & Finance Consulting (BFC), takes pleasure to announce the release of the June–October 2021 training schedule. To date, SRFP has held 125 business skills trainings since program inception for nearly 4,000 persons involved in the Serbian business world. In the June-October 2021 period, 72 trainings are planned on a number of topics previously given — six new training topics will be offered:

Shortage of Skilled and Competent Employees in Serbia

Brain drain and loss of skilled employees in the workforce. Where are they, where are they going and what can we do to find and keep workers? Employee attraction and retention is a serious problem in Serbia.

Where do the SRFP Program Training Participants Originate?

Everywhere in Serbia, including a few training participants from other Western Balkan countries.

Farm Succession Planning

Before passing your farm on to the next generation or transferring it to someone else who wants to use it for their own farming operations, it is prudent to prepare a farm transfer action plan that includes a transfer timeline and all required documents for facilitating the handover.