The Development of Financial System in Rural Areas in Serbia program (SRFP) is financed by the German Development Cooperation through KfW in partnership with the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management, with accompanying technical assistance (TA) support from Business & Finance Consulting (BFC).

The overall objective of the SRFP is to improve access to credit and support competitiveness for MSMEs (micro, small, and medium size enterprises) and entrepreneurs in rural areas, thus ultimately improving income options for the rural population in Serbia.

The SRFP aims to improve the MSME sector activities in local and regional markets by building on the managerial knowledge and skills capability of the existing MSME sector. Whether an agricultural or non-agricultural enterprise, the Program will look to impact level incomes and generate employment opportunities.

The Program objectives will be accomplished through providing training on a variety of subjects including; how to write bankable business plans, IPARD/government subsidies trainings, financial management, business certification, export development, as well as a host of other trainings. The SRFP training activities are open to MSMEs in all municipalities of Serbia.