SRFP Program Videotaped Trainings are Now Available Online

The SRFP Program has uploaded its library of videotaped trainings from the period February-June 2020 into the Program website and YouTube channel In this period, 1,200 business minded people have attended the trainings in online and classroom formats.  Topics covered in the period are available for your education:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Loan Application
  • Preparing a bank loan application, Emphasis on Government/Bank loan assistance programs, post-COVID
  • IPARD (Emphasis on Measure 3)
  • IPARD, Measure 7, Rural Tourism
  • Development of Export Markets
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial planning/Cost optimization
  • Geographic Origin
  • Digital Transformation
  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Management
  • E-Commerce for Agri Producers
  • E-Commerce for MSMEs
  • Raising Standards of Facilities for Milk Cows
  • Feed Technology for Milk Cows
  • Webinar – An Interview on Successful Loan Applications

The library of training are open to the business public and are free of charge.

Please visit the SRFP website or Facebook page for information on the new trainings available for review.

The German Development Bank (KfW) has commissioned the Program for the Development of the Financial System in Rural Areas in Serbia (SRFP), implemented by Business & Financial Consulting (BFC).